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Intellicity the prominent commercial project has revolutionized the concept of Studio Apartments I The Address in the newly launched unit Thinkpad. The world class studios have been developed in order to make the best luxurious arrangement for those who want to live in a complete lavishing life.

The unit has been constructed with the highly creativity and proved the tag line Where fie gives you everything''. A vast study over the subject has been conducted to understand the emerging trends for the future. The campus where this studios have been laid is itself a wonderland. It has large section of greenery and other modern specifications.

The brilliant Studios have everything to provide a beautiful as they have used the space in very perfect manner, a single apartments is holding ahead of time bathroom, Kitchen and other important sections to live in full form as one lives at lavishing homes. The comforts has given extra space with innovative interior it is fully loaded with luxurious amenities.

The number of sizes are being offered with provision of choosing category from Semi furnished to fully furnished. The project has been situated at the very prudent location from the both prospectives of a businessman or a person who wants to live in solitude. It has been placed in Noida Extension with connectivity of DND Flyway and National Highway 24.

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